Saturday, 1 March 2014

hexagonal awareness month

March is Hexagonal Awareness Month.  Given tabletop roleplaying games have history with this shape, this month features some posts in tribute to this paragon of polygons.

As an aperitif, please find enclosed the One Page Hexcrawl Template assembled with help from the brilliant Inkscape Boardgame Generator add-in from Pelle Nilsson (with a little help on installing courtesy of Alex Schroeder of Campaign Wiki fame).

It's not all hexagons, lots of other parties this month!  March also features GM Day/Mardi Gras (same day naturally), Read an RPG in Public Week and Pi Day.  Plenty to be getting on with...


  1. This may make me look like a newbie, but why are hexagons related to roleplaying? Keep in mind I'm not a D&D player...
    Btw I'd love it if you took part of the 'game' I suggested on my blog, where you post a word and base a character or story on it

  2. Hexagon grids are what early editions of Dungeons & Dragons used to use for mapping large-scale wilderness maps and Traveller (a classic sci-fi RPG) used hex maps to map space sectors. This was borrowed from earlier wargaming products. This has survived into computer RPGs as well.

  3. Oh, I didn't know that! thanks :)


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