Thursday, 27 March 2014

unlikely treasures 2: still more loot for the taking

Roll d12 for the loot!

  1. Dragonhide breastplate of green scales to fit a human (700gp).
    Weighs 30lbs. (+6AC; -3AC penalty, spell failure 25%).
    Non-metallic so can be worn by druids.
  2. Mithril short sword with carved darkwood hilt (600gp).
    Weighs 1lb. Masterwork-quality weapon.  Carved hilt is patterned in minature dragonscales to provide excellent grip.
  3. Composite longbow decorated with fluted ivory panels (550gp).
    Weighs 3lb. This bow grants up to +4 damage bonus if used by someone with appropriate Strength.
    If used by someone with less than 18 Strength, it grants a -2 penalty to hit.
  4. Braided wig of golden hair with golden strands (500gp). 
    Weighs 4lb.  Extends two feet and includes golden wire braided into tight plaits among elven hair. Would fit a dwarf.
  5. Engraved gold and darkwood sword cane (500gp).
    Weighs 4lb. Gold-plated, masterwork quality. Cane is elaborately carved darkwood.  Treat as shortsword for damage.  Difficult to spot as weapon.
  6. Holy symbol of platinum (500gp).
    Weighs 1lb. Simple emblem, functions as a normal consecrated holy symbol. 
  7. Jade circlet (500gp).
    Weighs 2lb. Green jade inscribed with runes for magic, power and transformation.  Suitable for a child or elven female.
  8. Owlbear coat with silver fox trim and silver knotwork buttons (500gp).
    Weighs 4lbs. Six silver buttons (worth 10gp each). Feathers hang over shoulders, cut for a short and stout human or very tall dwarf male, suitable for nobility.
  9. Prayer beads made of black gems with white asterisms and striations (500gp).
    Weighs 5lbs.  String of 49 prayer beads made of snowflake obsidian (10gp for each bead) on black spider-silk thread (1gp) . Useful for atonement spells. 
  10. Vellum scroll in ivory scroll tube (500gp).
    Weighs 1lb.  This is a 500gp credit note for purchase of slaves from an established slaver cartel.
  11. Wooden casket containing 9 incense sticks & vellum packet of iridescent powder (450gp).
    Weighs 3lbs.  Casket weighs 2lbs and worth 50gp empty. Incense sticks (sandalwood) worth 1gp each. Vellum packet contains 400gp of diamond dust. 
  12. Oversized engraved silver holy symbol (400gp).
    Weighs 4lbs.  Functions as a normal consecrated holy symbol.  Contains a compartment holding three doses of exotic perfume (100gp per dose).


  1. Love this series. And I think Steve has invited you to join his blog. What a fantastic way to attract people.

    1. I fear I will decline his generous offer. SHOUTY CAPS makes me question his motive. He's clearly no Joesky


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