Thursday, 20 March 2014

assorted dungeon locks

Not all locks are created equal.  Some of them are positively odd.
  1. Axehead-shaped steel lock of good quality dwarven manufacture. Keyhole where haft would go and intricate wards make it difficult (-10%/-2) to pick.  Worth 150gp to dwarves, 135gp elsewhere. 
  2. Crescent moon-shaped superior lock of silver-plated iron. Fiendishly difficult (-10%/-2) to pick due to curved positioning of tumblers.  Worth 250gp to the right people.
  3. Dusty copper average lock enchanted to give electrical shock (2d8 damage, save 1/2s) to anyone touching with conductive metal (like most thieves tools) or bare flesh.  Faint, tell-tale hum warns the observant.  Worth 500gp to someone non-conductive.
  4. Gorgon-faced average lock weeping red waxy fluid from eyes and keyhole.  This waxy fluid is contact poison, causing a loss of 1d6 Dexterity for 2d6 turns (save for half effect and duration).  The residue loses potency after 1d4 rounds  but the discolouration remains unless washed in wine.  Worth 40gp as the weeping wax is a curse.
  5. Knotwork-engraved gold-plated steel lock of good quality and elven manufacture.  Worth 240gp.
  6. Mermaid-shaped simple lock of brass and tin, average quality, keyhole where navel is.  Worth 20gp.
  7. Ordinary lock of brass and iron, average quality.  Worth 40gp.
  8. Quartz lock of good quality.  Immune to rusting effects, difficult (-10%/-2) to pick due to stiff crystalline tumblers.  Worth 630gp. 
  9. Sea lock of blue steel will only admit a key when the tide is out, pushing the key out of keyhole at all other times.  Magic can be used to unlock as normal.  Superior quality, worth 1000gp to right people.
  10. Umbral lock of lead and iron - only be opened by magic or the shadow of the correct key inserted into the keyhole.  Skeleton keys have a 20% of working if their shadow is inserted into the keyhole.
    Worth 200gp as a novelty.
  11. Wolfshead-shaped simple lock of pewter and iron, keyhole hidden underneath plate on which wolfshead is mounted.  Worth 20gp.   
  12. Yellow-golden (actually iron pyrite) average lock shaped to resemble a smiling actor's mask.
    Keyhole in right eye.  If left eye keyhole used, a magic mouth activates "Oh dear. You never go left." then commences raucous laughter that provokes a wandering monster check.  Works once only, worth 100gp.

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