Saturday, 15 March 2014

cthulhu double feature: arts & lovecraft

Azoth elixir.  

Rumoured to be formulated from alchemy perfected by Paracelsius, this elixir gives a form of immortality at a horrific price.  The elixir's ingredients are said to include rotten Deep One flesh, powdered jade, flakes of gold and colloidal silver.

The drinker may, at the time of drinking, convert magic points into instant physical healing (on a point for point basis) or rejuvenation (losing a year of physical age) to a maximum of their POW score.  For each magic point converted, the drinker loses 1 temporary SAN.  For each dose of azoth that is drunk, the drinker loses 1 permanent SAN, this is a debilitating brew.

Long-term drinkers are usually incurably insane and old beyond their years with patches of new skin in odd places.  These anomalies are noticeable to anyone with medical skills or with a successful Spot Hidden roll.

The Martin-Tongedo Box

This artifact was found in 2012 in the legacy of a occult scholar.  A decoupage box of wood and paper mache, one foot long by six inches wide by three inches deep.  The outside is a sallow patchwork of manuscript.  Inside is jaundiced, scraped butter-smooth and bare.  Light seems to reflect from the inner surfaces.

Typed text, sketches and handwritten note jostle  in palimpsest.  A combination of cursive script, fading type and agitated scrawl draws the eye toward unsettling revelation.  Curved paper strips converge on circular bosses at corners.  Fragments of confessions, stage directions and philosophical discourse can be found on the outside of the box..

Studying the cover of this box increases Cthulhu Mythos by 1% and reveals the following passage which may feature in a certain play.

The ending of all hope is come.
Its leaden beat denying song.
The messenger of nothingness
who's nothing more and nothing less
than all that's pallid, wan and wrong.

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