Tuesday, 4 March 2014

march fo(u)rth to the carnival!

Masque courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Happy GM's Day Carnival!  

This year, GM's Day just happens to be Mardi Gras.  Yet there is far too much earnest pontification in my newsfeed. In response, I propose a simple blog carnival with the theme of... Carnival in RPGs!  Grab the mask logo if you're joining in! Hell, get a guest writer if you don't fancy the subject material. Nobody need ever know it was you. So if you're scratching your head about what kinds of post would work here's a few ideas.
  • Carnival traditions adapted for your game. Will your game have a King Momo, bands of caretos prowling the streets or a funeral for Kostroma?
  • How to run a carnival-crawl.  Fine with the wandering monster checks?  The whole thing is wandering monsters! Why are they singing and dancing?  Did that orc just ask you for beads?! Even staying in one place is an adventure.
  • Odd carnival masks with abilities appropriate to your game.  Magical or mundane, just make them interesting and distinctive.
  • Odder characters in the carnival.  Carnival lets out some freakish stuff.  Perfectly ordinary people react in extraordinary ways.  Your party always needs to meet more freaks, probably.
  • Strange happenings in the carnival.  There might be chance encounters, or something a deal more considered.  There's all kinds of random tables could come out of this one too.
  • Extended carousing tables.  Face it, you've probably rolled all the entries already.  Time for your cash-laden murderhobos to go even further into uncharted territory.
Pick your system and setting.   The masquerade beckons, won't you join the dance?  You've got till midnight on Wednesday to have fun.  Or longer if your location lets you party longer.  Have at it and leave a comment with link if you're joining in the fun.

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