Thursday, 13 March 2014

unlikely treasures 2: yet even more loot for the taking

Roll d12 for the loot!

  1. Bastard sword with silver wire-wrapped hilt (350gp).
    Weighs 8 lbs.  Masterwork quality (+1 non-magical to hit) steel, suitable for enchanting as a magical weapon. Silver wire on hilt is worth 15gp.
  2. Scroll in wooden scroll tube (300gp).
    Weighs 1 lb. This is a credit note to a reputable horse trader for one combat-trained heavy warhorse sealed by local nobility to be provided to the bearer.
  3. Torc of wrought gold tipped with green gems (275gp).
    Weighs 2 lb. Gems are peridots (50gp each). Torc worth 125gp if gems removed.  Suitable for nobility of either sex. 
  4. Alabaster casket with 20 balls of resin (250gp).
    Weighs 5 lbs. Casket weighs 3 lb and is worth 50gp empty.  Resin is exotic incense (each ball weighs 0.1 lbs, burns for 1 hour, worth 10gp). 
  5. Minature greatsword letter-opener (250gp).
    Weighs 1/2 lb.  Made of platinum.  Suitable as spell focus for mage's sword spell. 
  6. Ornate silver armband with black gem (250gp).
    Weighs 2lbs.  Gem is jet (100gp value).  Armband worth 100gp if gem removed. 
  7. Repeating light crossbow (250gp).
    Weighs 6lbs. Magazine holds 5 bolts.  Can be fired one-handed.  Requires 2 hands to reload or to replace magazine.
  8. Suit of dwarf-sized banded mail (250gp).
    Weighs 35lbs. +7AC; Armour penalty -6. Spell failure 35%.  Kept in immaculate condition.
  9. Tiger-skin robe (250gp).
    Weighs 4lbs. Cut to fit a tall human female.  Suitable for court or nobility.  Will upset weretigers and those with tiger totems somewhat.
  10. Two folios bound in red scaled hide (250gp).
    Weighs 14lbs. These are diplomatic letters and notes bound in dyed snakeskin. Each weighs 7 lbs and mirrors the other in terms of content.  If consulted for 1d4 hours prior, the reader may do one of the following.
    • Create a letter of introduction which gives +2 to any reaction check with local officials or nobility.
    • Gain a +2 to any Knowledge (nobility) check using the detailed histories of local noble families.
    • Create a coded message (which takes 10 times as long) that imposes a -10 penalty to anyone trying to decode the message without either book.
  11. Suit of elf-sized ornate golden armour (225gp). Weighs 20lb. Masterwork gold-plated steel parade armour (+3AC; no armour penalty, 15% spell failure). Consists of plated epaulets and lightweight mail hauberk over chest only.
  12. Ornate silver chalice decorated with holy symbols. (200gp).
    Weighs 2 lbs.  This chalice is used to sanctify liquids poured into it and can hold up to a pint of fluid.

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