Thursday, 6 March 2014

assorted dungeon fires

Roll 1d12 for the burning.

  1. Bed of hot embers used for firewalking and post-firewalk barbecue.  Trial by firewalking used by nearby humanoids to determine innocence.  Last meal of condemned takes on whole new meaning.
  2. Cooking fire for cauldron of mystery stew. 1 in 6 chance cauldron is occupied by something that would prefer being the eater.  1 in 6 chance of hand or conspicuous body part floating to surface.
  3. Divinatory fire used by oracles in diverse ways to predict fate or fortune.  1 in 6 chance an oracle will be available to offer advice on a course of action.  This is totally accurate 70% of the time.
  4. Funeral pyre for 1d4 Medium-sized corpses; burning quite lively, difficult to distinguish species due to smoke and charred flesh.  1 in 6 chance some grave goods survive the flames.
  5. Furnace used to smelt iron.  A bloomery with chimney stack and animated bellows.  Can create up to 30lbs of iron in a day.  About a week's charcoal and two sledge hammers are stored nearby. 
  6. Masonry stove used to heat room and bake.  Uses wood or coal. 1 in 6 chance it is magical.
    Magical stoves can talk and will create 1d6 loaves of rye bread if lit and tended by anyone willing to talk for 6d6 minutes. 
  7. Open-hearth forge for creating arms, armour and even  ironwork.  Forge is ready-lit, tended by twin dwarves. Magic is not welcome here without hefty bribes.
  8. Punishment for 1d4+2 criminals of heinous crime versus faith and local ruler.  Stakes and pyres are already burning.  1% chance a criminal survives, smell doubles chance of wandering monsters. 
  9. Purifying fire being jumped over by 2d4+2 humanoids; taking turns to goad each other into jumping over the fire in order to purge themselves of spiritual taint.  Sinful items are fuelling the flames. 
  10. Refining fire kindled to burn off alchemical dross; fumes cause nausea if inhaled (Fortitude DC12, nauseated for 2d6 rounds).  1 in 6 chance of 1d6 gold nuggets (worth 50gp each), still red hot.
  11. Sacrificial fire for 1d3 Medium-sized creatures fully aflame.  Offerings are already dead but anointed bodies burn excellently in any event.  Extinguishing will incur divine wrath from nearby clerics.
  12. Self-immolating fanatic makes supreme sacrifice to immolate tyrant.  Direct contact does 4d6 fire damage; anyone in 5' risks 1d6 damage.  1 in 6 chance that tyrant's bodyguards notice in time.

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