Thursday, 30 October 2008

token introduction

Hi and welcome to Fame & Fortune.

My name's Steve and I'm going to be aiming this blog at the following areas:

Role-playing Games (RPGs) - Gaming at the table, with books, with dice and with other people who want to have some fun. And you do want to have fun, right?

Stories - Their construction, delivery and impact on their recipients; you might find the occasional review and analysis of techniques which impressed me here; be it a display of characterisation, dialogue or structure.

Web 2.0 - Finding the good stuff and letting you know what is a fun combination; a lot of people have talked mash-up and cloud computing but let's be honest, theory is no fun without applications.

Fame & Fortune - This is a thought exercise in RPG publishing using tools which are commonly available. It's not about profit (that would be nice...) but publishing your own stuff has this whole new level of cool about it.

There is going to be some bleedover between these areas and some tangential posts to these core four elements. Hopefully it's going to be a bit more variation for you...

testing testing

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