Friday, 13 December 2013

assorted dungeon horns

Horns are usually trouble.  At best adorning simple animal or capricious fey.  More often, the weapon of monster, mutant or infernal being.  Yet that won't stop them being converted into musical instruments or other useful items.  Roll d12 to get the horn.
  1. Alphorn of pinewood carved with zig-zagging mountain patterns and star symbols.
  2. Carnyx made of black curling horn with bell carved into demonic head.  Makes a frightening bellow if played.
  3. Ear trumpet of curved goats-horn which if held to the ear improves the ability to discern sounds.
  4. Gunpowder horn with brass cap and lid; holds 1d6+4 doses of powder for primitive firearms.  The horn keeps the powder safe from fire, water etc.
  5. Ivory drinking horn with etching of warrior spearing a boar and braided red and indigo velvet carrying strap with fancy tassels.
  6. Kudu horn used for sacred rituals; spiralling, dun-coloured and painted with flecks of gold leaf.
  7. Mead horn made of gargoyle horn.  Slate-grey and triangular.  Can drop from most any height and not break.
  8. Ox horn knife handle.  Striated lines on pale horn, fits a human, elf or dwarf hand well.  Carved to fit a short-bladed knife.
  9. Rack of twelve-tined antlers on gold-inlaid bassinet.  Worth at least 100gp to the right people.
  10. Twisted reddish dragon horn with brass mouthpiece.  Tall as a halfling, used as a signalling horn.
  11. Unicorn-horn dagger with short hilt wrapped in pale leather.  Strikes as a +3 weapon.  Unicorns, elves and all sylvan folk are hostile to the wielder.
  12. White rhino horn mounted on ebony handle as a ritual dagger.  Bound in red and black leather thongs matted black with blood.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

five hundred and getting back in the saddle

Five hundred.  Which took a lot longer than expected   If you've been under a rock or wandered off, there's been...
  • more inns & taverns, including a third PDF.
  • a whistle-stop tour of the evils of the damned city.
  • the recent addition of unlikely treasures, including a PDF as extemporalising loot in tabletop RPGs isn't everyone's cuppa.

Today is the agonia of Septimontia and International Mountain Day.  As rams were the traditonal offering and associated with mountains, consider this a virtual gift.
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