Thursday, 27 February 2014

unlikely treasures 2: even more loot for the taking

Roll d12 for the loot!
  1. Large chest with copper and silver ingots (140gp).
    Weighs 180 lbs. Empty chest weighs 100 lb.  Six copper ingots (5gp; 10 lbs each) and two silver ingots (50gp; 10 lbs each). Room for more.
  2. Ornate cold iron everburning torch (120gp).Weighs 4 lbs. Can be wielded as a light mace in combat without penalty to the torch bearer.
  3. Silvered flail with head styled as a clenched fist (110gp).
    Weighs 5 lbs. Does 1d8 bashing damage, +2 to disarm attempts, can be used for trip attacks. 
  4. Black ovoid gem, warm to touch (100gp). 
    Weighs 1 lb. Cabochon-cut jet, suitable for magic jar.
  5. Chain shirt suitable for human (100gp). 
    Weighs 25 lbs. +4 to AC; Armour penalty -2, Spell failure 20%. 
  6. Hand-painted deck of ivory playing cards (100gp). Weighs 1 lb.  Vibrant inks and lacquering make these particularly durable examples.
  7. Jade statuette of nude elf with sword (100gp). 
    Weighs 4 lbs.  In challenging pose with smiling face, sword in en garde position. 
  8. Necklace of pink coral and cowrie shells (100gp). Weighs 2 lbs.  Strung on silver wire
  9. Thick leather-bound book with sword etched into the cover (100gp). 
    Weighs 5 lbs.  This is the Codex of Warlords, a combination of holy text and heritage book for local nobles.  Written on quality paper with chapter illustrations are the following.
    * A holy text for the god of war and swords.  Includes the deeds of his faithful, aphorisms, blessings and one-liners to be spoken over the fallen.
    * Genealogies, accounts of historic battles, heraldic devices and ancestral deeds give a +2 to Knowledge (nobility) checks.
  10. Wig of shoulder-length violet tresses (100gp).
    Weighs 3 lbs. Finely-braided elven hair dyed with considerable skill.  Suitable for nobility.
  11. Slightly worn black bear fur jacket (90gp). 
    Weighs 3lb. Suitable for court, cut for a human male. 
  12. Doublet of black velvet with pearl buttons (80gp). Weighs 10 lbs. Buttons are freshwater pearls of poor quality.  Suitable for nobility, cut for a portly human male.

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