Thursday, 13 February 2014

unlikely treasures 2 : more loot for the taking

Roll d12 for the loot!

  1. Hacksilver chain (70gp).
    Weighs 14 lbs. Each link is 1/5 lb pure silver worth 1gp by weight.
  2. Sheepskin overcoat trimmed with yeti fur (60gp). 
    Weighs 6 lb.  Will fit a slim human female, suitable for courtly wear.
  3. Conical forest green beaded hat and silk veil (55gp).Weighs 1 lb. A hennin, worn by ladies of high station  to indicate eligibility for marriage.
  4. Amphora of sweet musky-scented amber oil (50gp).
    Weighs 20lb.  Contains perfumed oil (valerian).
  5. Chasuble decorated with runes in gold thread (50gp). 
    Weighs 2 lbs. The runes represent law and order and are repeated front and back.
  6. Ornate engraved black wood box (50gp).
    Weighs 1/2 lb. Box is a darkwood scroll box engraved with nymphs dancing around runes of magic and knowledge.  Watertight, hardness 5; 10 hit points and break DC 25.
  7. Greatsword (50gp).
    Weighs 8 lbs. Plain steel, unadorned, standard army or temple issue.
  8. Pair of bronze bracelets (50gp).
    Weighs 2 lbs. Engraved with simple hunting scenes.
  9. Pouch of golden dust (50gp).
    Weighs 2 lbs. Actual gold dust, useful for some spells.
  10. Ring of brass and silver wire with blue gem in eye setting. (50gp).
    Weighs 0.1 lbs. Blue gem is lapis lazuli (10gp).  Ring is suitable for court due to ornate craftwork.
  11. Wooden coffer holding eight sticks of incense (45gp).
    Weighs 2lb (1 lb empty).  The incense is floral and salt-sweet.  Each stick burns for an hour.
  12. Five masterwork cold iron crossbow bolts (40gp). 
    Weigh 1/2 lb. Bolts are fletched with black flights and cross-hatched shafts.  Worth 8gp each.


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