Thursday, 6 February 2014

assorted dungeon utensils

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Some items are just ordinary (or not). Roll d12 for your dressing.
  1. Alembic (single vessel with tube for distillation) worth 10gp to an alchemist, potion maker or wizard.
  2. Copper candelabra festooned with verdigris and wax.  If properly cleaned up, worth 10gp at the market.  Not really the kind of thing court would want.
  3. Ewer of decorated porcelain with handles of dancing nymphs, suitable for boudoir, worth 25gp.
  4. Grinder for spices or coffee suitable for halfling-sized hands. Takes 10 rounds to grind a pound of spice or coffee.  Worth 10gp to a coffee-drinker or professional cook.
  5. Iron flask engraved with assorted sigils of longevity; looks like a genuine iron flask but holds nothing of any danger or value.
  6. Knife of brazened steel with saw-backed blade; usable as small wood saw or knife.  Worth 6gp to any adventurer.
  7. Mug with grinning goblin face wearing red cap. Popular with goblinoids as collectible (worth 10gp to them) piece.  Dwarves and gnomes find it intensely annoying and try to get rid of it.
  8. Oil scented with rosemary and lavender in crystal vial to aid relaxation and memory   Worth 5gp to an alchemist or wizard.
  9. Quill made from giant eagle feather, beautiful to write with, gives a +2 bonus to any writing-based skills where quality of output matters (including forging documents or creating spell scrolls).   Worth 50gp in the right hands.
  10. Salt and pepper shakers made of blue and white banded pottery, each as tall as a dwarf and holding 50gp of salt or pepper.  Each worth an extra 50gp to the right giant. 
  11. Wooden spoon with foot-long handle carved with dragon motif and protective runes. No game effect beyond preventing burns while cooking.  Intended as a bridal gift.
  12. Whetstone useful for sharpening and polishing blades suitable for use by anyone capable.

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