Thursday, 20 February 2014

assorted dungeon vents

This corridor may serve another purpose.  Roll d12 for unexpected environmental change!

  1. Acidic vapours do 1d4 damage per round exposure (save for half), causes exposed metallic surfaces to be pitted unless made of gold, silver, mithril or adamantine. 
  2. Air shaft with steady wind, constant turbulence makes it hard to hear.  1 in 12 chance of extinguishing non-magical flames (candles, torches etc.) or plucking loose or flimsy items (e.g. scrolls) from grasp.  
  3. Brine pipe used for cooling or solution mining.  Salt water has no intrinsic harmful effects.  May rust exposed metal if left untended for more than a day.
  4. Dust-bearing vent.  Fortitude save (DC12) or be blinded for 1d4 rounds.  Anything invisible or hiding is outlined after 1d4 rounds exposure. Scrubbing off takes 2d8 rounds.
  5. Exhaust bearing away noxious fumes, cinders and smoke from forges.  Visibility limited to 20'.  1 in 4 chance of being hit by a cinder for 1 point fire damage.  Fortitude save (DC10) to avoid 1 point temporary Con damage every hour.
  6. Flaming gas for heating or illumination does 2d4 damage per round exposure (save for half), ignites flammable items.  Flames go out after 1d6 rounds.
  7. Gas pipe carrying strange vapours to different parts of the dungeon.  Inhalation may induce effects including blindness, exhaustion, poison, sleep or others (DM's discretion).  
  8. Heating vent doubles chance for random encounters due to near body temperature heat.  Infravision is blurred out here (-2 to attempts to notice anything). 
  9. Steam vent reduces visibility to 15 feet.  Fortitude save (DC12) per minute or become fatigued due to excessive heat until leaving area.  1 in 4 chance of scalding cloud causing 1d6 damage lasting for 1d4 rounds.
  10. Stinkpipe used to vent noxious vapours from underground cesspits or sewers.  Fortitude save (DC12) or become nauseated within the vent and for 1d4 rounds afterwards.
  11. Sulphur vent.  Fortitude save (DC12) or be nauseated within the vent and 1d4 rounds afterwards. 1 in 4 chance of burning cloud for 1d4 fire damage for 1 round only. 
  12. Water vent sprays water and chill vapour.  Visibility limited to 30'.  1 in 4 chance of blinded by gout of water for 1 round (Reflex save (DC10) avoids).  50% chance of non-magical flames (candles, torches etc.) extinguished.

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