Monday, 2 May 2011

recap: labyrinth lord bestiary

In the words of Daddy Grognard, I'm showing the d12 some old school love.  Roll for your doom.
  1. Ape, Servitor
  2. Cannibal Crabs
  3. Cyclopean Imp
  4. Gulbavian
  5. Hound of Rathbak
  6. Hungerbound
  7. Malaphaunt
  8. Rhizopus
  9. Scytalis
  10. Slithermaw
  11. Vermivex
  12. Zombie, Hiveheart


    1. This serves to remind me what I great run of monsters you've had.

    2. These are really great. Any chance you'd allow me to put them in my Monster book? Full credit to you, of course... please let me know. wilmanric at the gmail... Thanks!

    3. Jim - You have mail.

      Trey - More is coming. LL is easy to write for.


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