Saturday, 21 May 2011

recap: inns & taverns II - the sequel

Table: More Random Taverns. 
Roll d20.  Rerolls mean another drink there.
  1. The Minotaur's Horn
  2. The Crooked Roost
  3. The Goblin's Head
  4. The Crooked Walk
  5. The Angel Under The Hill
  6. The Twopenny Crow
  7. The Lance and Board
  8. Pudding's Tavern
  9. The Tricorn Cow
  10. The Standing Sphinx
  11. The Ties That Bind
  12. The Guzzling Goblin
  13. The Cup of Skulls
  14. Aulog's Garden 
  15. The Mermaid's Purse
  16. The Wyvern and Watch
  17. Zora's Cove 
  18. Danker's Bones
  19. Kunikubwa's Belly
  20. The Miller In Black


  1. Thanks tons for doing this. Your inn/tavern writeups are amazing. Cheers!

  2. Always glad to do recaps, now if only I didn't do them close together. Trying to select a pair of taverns for the next PDF, any requests?


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