Saturday, 11 April 2009

three things: you might want to know

Free (as in beer) music - In these times of shocking piracy (which has been going on since Usenet I hasten to add) it's refreshing to find someone willing to showcase something for nothing. A beat combo called Nine Inch Nails who did the music for Quake back in the day have lots of free music in return for contact details. Take a look at Ghosts, The Slip and the Remix section (which is an absolute goldmine) - Hollywood use them, so why shouldn't you?

Tell your friends
- In the wake of that decision, a number of publishers are stepping up to discount their own PDF products, whether to take up the slack or steal a march, we're not sure but we aren't minding it either way. Chaosium announced a Basic Roleplaying quick start and DriveThru RPG are currently selling Exalted 2nd ed for the princely sum of nothing. I've never seen one gaming company's decision spark so much interest in it's competitors.

Writing opportunity!
- 6d6 Fireball are running an adventure-writing competition in both amateur and semi-pro. You may find it helpful to include bearded devils in your adventure and if you include a boss and three minion-types that's just peachy. Deadline is May 12th so boot up your word processors and get going. They'll publish the winning entry and you get profits and the chance to further your name.

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