Wednesday, 29 April 2009

it's nice when people listen...

Wizards have put a quick-start set, Keep on the Shadowfell and the first three levels of Character Builder up for free online. I can't help but get the feeling the blogosphere contributed in it's own way to this sudden shift in WotC policy. Before you all get too excited, it looks like the current policy on PDF publishing won't reverse any time soon. Props to Points of Light for this.

The rest of this post is inspired by a post on Robertson Games about the radio theatre style entertainment that tabletop RPGs can provide. Talk about a bolt from the blue! As I'm late to the party, it would suddenly explain why those podcasts of gaming sessions are popular among some of us - they're tapping into about *cough* sixty to eighty years of oral tradition!

Sound effects can add considerably to atmosphere - for free sound effects, take a look at The Freesound Project, University of Texas Electronic Music Studio, PacDV, Stonewashed and Ljudo. Some of these have Creative Commons tags so use accordingly. There are some very useful downloads to be found at including this.

Finally, courtesy of HeroPress - notification of a fantasy radio drama on BBC Radio 4 called ElvenQuest starring assorted comedy performers (Alastair McGowan, Stephen Mangan) about a novelist and his dog who is drawn into a world with elves, dwarves and monsters to fight Lord Darkness. The dog of course is the prophesied hero. Starts tonight! Will be iPlayered.

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