Sunday, 5 April 2009

this is what a best seller looks like... and I do...

A hat tip to Wizards of the Coast for getting Players Handbook 2 onto the Wall Street Journal's best seller list during the recession. Interesting to see other fantasy/sci-fi books in there as well. While I'm posting about recession-proof gaming, it looks like Wizards have still got the mojo and the gnome fans have buying power - maybe they're from Zurich? The Core Mechanic has additional figures as does the Paizo message board. Makes interesting reading, particularly with comments about all the nay-saying over 4E being a total over-reaction to the release. Wait and see, says I.

In the interests of breaking ice and just because...

What do I do? Well...
  • I do roleplaying with voices and props. I soak paper in cold tea before baking it for that 'aged parchment' look. Then I practice my calligraphy chops on them. I could put it in the printer but hand-written just looks better and less uniform...
  • I do epic and lo-fi campaigns (I prefer lo-fi but my players love epic, go figure).
  • I do games with music in the background and think movie soundtracks rock. Nothing quite says Dark Sun like Gladiator or modern horror like Natural Born Killers or Resident Evil.
  • I do old WoD in preference to new. Gorgeous as Vampire: The Requiem looks, I'm not thrilled about the nWoD, especially with what happened to Mage. I have high hopes for Hunter: The Vigil if I can find someone to run a game. So not unreasonable, eh?
  • I do laptop at the table if we get the power or the battery life right.
  • I rarely foray into marathon games unless I get a couple of days to recover. I'm old, my ears are dim, eyes are bent, knees are knackered...
  • I write fiction about games but only if there's no danger of a player discovering things they would not know about as it breaks the flow.
  • I do minatures and tape measures though I find it can interferes with the flow of play. Despite this, some of the most enjoyable 3E games I've played involved figures (and tokens). Just keep pets from the table eh?
  • I do fantasy, cyberpunk and modern tabletop with the rare guilty pleasure superhero game. I'm still looking for the perfect sci-fi game (Classic Traveller came close, Trinity didn't alas, Star Wars is fun for one-offs, Spaaace! is my latest hope).
  • I play boardgames on occasion - my current favourites are Arkham Horror and Khet.
  • I do LARP (sci-fi only - one based on Stargate and another cyberpunk).
  • I do cream soda, dandelion & burdock, Relentless, mead, heather ale and real beer.
  • I do crisps/chips/potato snacks, chocolate, take-outs (the more off-the-wall, the better) chocolate cake and fresh fruit & veg with dips in the summertime. I plan on hosting a gaming barbecue if the weather will let me this year.
  • And yes... I do meme posts when I lack willpower.

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