Wednesday, 2 September 2009

three things: magical shields

A trio of magical shields for 3.x edition, depending on what rules set you've got to hand at the time. Sometimes the best defence is a good defence and these three shields have been found in the hands of those adventurers who believe in that philosophy.

Bodyguard's Buckler - This +1 buckler is made of a single piece of oak bound in black leather inset with shining steel studs. When wielded and the command word 'crosaire' spoken, a wielder can make a Reflex save (DC20) to take a single melee or ranged attack for an ally within five feet of them as a free action. The wielder must be aware of the impending attack. Exceptional missile weapons like giant-hurled boulders or Melf's Acid Arrow cannot be diverted with this item.
Faint abjuration magic. CL: 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armour, shield. Price: +1 bonus.

Shield of Bearing - This circular +1 heavy steel shield (3' diameter) can bear up to 300lbs weight if laid boss-side down and the command word 'baere' is spoken (this word is usually carved on the back of the shield) for up to three hours once a day. The shield rises three feet off the floor and remains level unless the weight limit is exceeded. The shield usually follows the wielder at 15' per round. The wielder can step onto the shield and (if it can) will lift them three feet off the ground but will not move anywhere.
Faint abjuration and transmutation magic. CL: 5th; Craft Magic Arms & Armour; Tenser's Floating Disk. Price: +1 bonus.

Urchin Shield - This +1 light wooden shield appears to be made out of pearlescent cactus hide but is in fact the skin of a giant sea urchin. On command (the word 'tulang' is commonly used) the shield can extrude spines so that it is effectively a spiked shield and once a day it can fire three spines at a foe within 30' that strike unerringly for 1d4+1 damage per spine. The spines are treated as magic missiles for the purpose of magical defences against them.
Faint abjuration, evocation and transmutation magic. CL 3rd; Craft Magic Arms & Armour; alter self, magic missile. Price: +2 bonus.

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