Wednesday, 30 September 2009

of sapphires

A pair of magical sapphires for 3.x/Pathfinder.  Enjoy!

Eye of Lucidity (cost 8,000gp) - This blue sapphire sheds a heatless blue-white light of equal intensity to candle light when held in the hand of a living creature.  It provides a +2 enhancement bonus to all Intelligence and Int-based skill checks when held and looked upon.  It is popular with sages and other bookish sorts who find it's cool light inspires them when faced with a difficult text.  It will not shine in the hands of any undead.
It radiates faint divination, enchantment and transmutation magics.  Making an eye of lucidity is a requires the Create Wondrous Item feat and a 9th-level caster to cast detect undead, light and fox's cunning.

Warding Eye (cost 9,000gp) - This blue sapphire scintillates with motes of blue light.  When a hostile spell is cast at the owner, a blue ray emanates from it to attempt a a counterspell. Roll 1d6 and compare this to the level of the spell being cast at the owner.  If it is equal or higher, the spell is countered.  If it is lower, the result is added as a circumstance bonus to the relevant saving throw (if any) against the effect.
Each ray causes a mote to disappear.  A newly-made warding eye contains 30 motes.  If found in treasure, a warding eye usually has 1d20+10 motes in it.
It radiates faint abjuration magics.  Making a warding eye requires the Create Wondrous Item feat and an 11th-level caster to cast dispel magic and resistance.

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