Monday, 18 May 2009

waves of the darksea war

In the Underdark, the presence of the Darksea War echoes like the distant tide; the aboleth lake-cities slowly expanding against destructive illithid raids; between this hammer and anvil, the other races carve their own empires in the sunless world. The shifting alliances of the Underdark and the inherent treachery of the Far Realm makes unpredictable neighbours.
  1. Balhannoth are tamed by both aboleth and illithid via telepathy; these alien creatures are set to guard areas with high ceilings. They are not bred by either race as destrachan are - their nature is not suited to it; instead they are allowed to patrol territories that coincide with the tactical desires of either race to feed on the minions of their enemies.
  2. Drow and kuo-toa, despite being on opposite sides of the conflict will do business together - the drow are not always enamoured of waterborne travel and drow slave markets are often filled with choice purchases. The fickle nature of the drow is only provoked by direct attack or if aboleth expansion may harm their cities or territory.
  3. Foulspawn will serve as mercenaries for either side. When they meet the opposite side; there is a brief negotiation, the foulspawn obey whoever pays the most. Naturally both aboleth and illithid have lied before (and will again) and as these conversations happen telepathically, it is very difficult to know if foulspawn will stay allies.
  4. Ropers are willing to negotiate with illithid to watch over certain areas. For a tasty victim or three they will also report on what they observe. The illithid will suggest that the roper takes to the ceiling to maximise their hunting opportunities and after all, such a position limits the danger of being surrounded by enemies...

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