Sunday, 10 May 2009

dark heresy: the slaughterman cometh

In the 41st Millenium it's hard not to get desensitised to violence. The slaughterman provides a vital function to Imperial society, providing meat for the table. Yet the perils of corruption do not merely settle for Inquisitors or acolytes. Chaos occasionally invites ordinary citizens to the table as well and it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole barrel.

Deuhirst Whall, slaughterman and outcast scum.
WS:25 BS:20 S:30 T:30 Ag:35 Per:20 WP:20 Fel:20
Move: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 12 Corruption Points: 36 Insanity Points: 62
Disorders: Minor Delusion (Righteousness), The Flesh Is Weak!
Malignancies: Wasted Frame
Mutation: Feels No Pain.
Skills: Awareness, Common Lore (Imperium), Concealment, Medicae, Secret Tongue (Gutter), Speak Low Gothic, Trade (slaughterman)
Talents: Ambidextrous, Melee Weapon Training (Chain), Quick Draw, Sound Constitution, Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive), Unremarkable
Weapons: Chain Axe (1d10+7 R, Pen 2, Tearing), Mono butchers' knife (1d5 R, +2 Pen, 3m), four large butcher's knives (1d5 R, 3m) and three flintlock pistols (1d10+2 I; 15m Reload: 3 rds Full action, Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate) for intimidation purposes only.
Gear: Datapad (contains Void-born perversion and heresy - reading this bestows 1d5 Corruption Points), Medicae kit, Stained citizen's garb (poor quality), 3 Throne Gelt

Whall is wiry and almost attractive yet despite this, nobody seems to notice him except for the occasional whiff of fresh-cut meat. He preferred to work in relative seclusion and gained some reputation as a quietly-efficient slaughterman until he found the datapad of a Void-born psyker girl which contained heretical confessions with accounts of an unnatural lust for violence.

Deuhirst began to view the world through this lens and in his insane righteousness, butchered three people and fed them to a noble family before killing them as heretics. Usually this would attract the Inquisition's attention but local authorities intervened and Whall became an outcast among the dregs of Alpheus Primus.

Whall became an outcast very quickly but soon adapted. Even scum need food and his skill as a slaughterman meant the meat wasn't poisoned and the bodies disappeared quickly. Over time, his masochistic streak increased to the point that he mutated under Khorne's baleful influence. Now Whall feels no pain and takes care not to include his flesh in the meals he prepares.

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