Sunday, 31 March 2013

assorted oils and ointments

 Table XV: A dozen oils and ointments.
  1. Almond balm in blue enamel tin
    When smeared on face and hands, gives +2 on saves against cold damage or penalties.
  2. Bitter chrism in tiny crystal vials.
    When applied to brow, gives a +2 to saving throws vs. charm or possession.
  3. Dark oil in clay bottle for taming unruly hair. 
    If applied to the hair, reduce any Charisma reaction penalty by 1 due to grooming.
  4. Herbal paste in black pot 
    Enough blade venom to poison a single-handed blade, spearhead or five arrows or crossbow heads.  For next 1d4 hits, save or take 1d4 extra damage.
  5. Liniment in small copper bottle.
    Heals 1d4 Strength damage when rubbed into muscles (takes 1 turn).
  6. Oil with pickled spices within.
    Makes any food cooked with it most excellent.  Worth 2d6 gp to connoiseurs.
  7. Ointment in red wood jars.
    Helps soothe pain.  Each jar heals one hit point in a 24 hour period.
  8. Pungent paste in sealed clay jars.
    Negates ability to track by scent for 1d6 hours due to persistent odour of rotting violets.
  9. Sweet salve in yellow wax jar. 
    Made from royal jelly, applied all over a naked body it reduces physical age by 1 year.
  10. Unguent in white clay bottle.
    Adds +1 to Charisma for 1d8 hours when rubbed into face and hands.
  11. Urn of exotic oily scent.
    Negates bad smells and gives +1 on reaction rolls with humans and humanoids.
  12. Witches ointment in a black clay jar. 
    Whoever anoints their naked body can fly (as spell) for 1 turn.


  1. Nice, I love little tables like this. Great to have printed out at the table just in case.


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