Friday, 29 March 2013

still more unlikely treasures

Roll d12 for the loot
  1. Hauberk of gold-plated chainmail (300gp) - A steel chain shirt covering torso and shoulders in superior gold-plating which resists blades or corrosion.  Functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Intricately-engraved steel breastplate fitted with silvered armour spikes (275gp) - Those attempting to grapple or constrict the wearer take 1d6 damage.  Suitable for a dwarf or small human.
  3. Jarrah-wood coffer with fifteen paper-wrapped packets of saffron (250gp) - Each packet holds  a pound of saffron (worth 15gp).  The coffer is worth 25gp and weighs 5lbs.  Weight is 20lbs.
  4. Khopesh-shaped letter opener in platinum (250gp) - Novelty item and material component.
  5. Long coat with hood made of tiger fur (250gp) - Might raise a few eyebrows... particularly if there are weretigers in the immediate vicinity.  Suitable for a human or half-orc.
  6. Maroon leather bound navigator's chronicle with star charts (250gp) - A weighty tome with star charts that if consulted against a clear night sky grant an Intelligence check to determine rough location and season.  It also contains a navigator's chronicle which if consulted for 1d4 hours prior gives a +2 bonus to any navigation checks to avoid getting lost. 
  7. Necklace of cabochon-cut aquamarines (250gp) - Low-quality stones on a silver chain. 
  8. Owlbear-fur jacket with feathered mantle collar and carved ivory buttons (250gp) - Worthy of royalty, the feathered collar and shoulders make it distinctive.  There are ten carved ivory buttons with ornate skull icons (5gp each), lost buttons decrease the garment's value.  Suitable for a human.
  9. Portrait of elven maiden smiling enigmatically (250gp) - Ornate frame and canvas weigh 10lbs.
  10. Repeating light crossbow with lever-arm action and magazine of 5 bolts (250gp) - If there are bolts in the magazine, the crossbow can be reloaded without losing an action or movement.  Loading a magazine onto the crossbow or loading a magazine with bolts takes a full round.
  11. Simple ring of white gold (225gp) - May have been a wedding band once.
  12. Tarred box containing equipment for forgery of documents (200gp) - A box holding diverse inks, quills, styli, papers, sealing waxes, seal blanks and small knives.  This grants a +2 bonus to rolls to forging documents.  Has d6+4 uses left. Weighs 6lbs.

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