Saturday, 9 March 2013

assorted dungeon ceilings

Roll 1d12 if you're redecorating.
  1. Billowing suspended drapes lends an opulent air.  The drapes are neatly repaired canvas in strong colours and treated to resist flames.
  2. Dome with shaft of light coming down from cupola (circular hole in the top of the dome).  The cupola might rarely drip with water.
  3. Dripping ceiling with water drops splashing 1d6 party members each round with icy-cold, dirty water and staining their cloaks or shoulders.
  4. Fresco resplendent with fine artistic interpretations of maidens, heroes and the gods.  Artwork is uplifting and inspires wonder in it's viewers.
  5. Glowing cracks in the ceiling emit heat and light equal to a coal fire though light provided is greenish-white and flickering.
  6. Hooks set in the ceiling at regular intervals (d6+4 feet apart) for the suspension of objects or chains; the room may have multiple purposes.
  7. Illusion of night sky with strange stars and 1d4 moons.   Some constellations are familiar but seen from a different perspective.
  8. Kaleidoscopic mosaic that shifts in slow geometric patterns.  Distracts the weak-willed and gullible (add Wis penalty to initiative).
  9. Netting hangs in long hammocks capable of supporting bundles of items large enough to stay caught in the mesh of the net.
  10. Painted ceiling showing maps of neighbouring nations with location of dungeon at the map's centre.
  11. Racks suspended from ceiling holds selection of equipment in readiness for use.  Arms and armour may be typical, climbing gear is less so...
  12. Strange sculpture of metal and glass casts shadows of leafy boughs on the upper walls when lit by torchlight.

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