Monday, 25 February 2013

yet more unlikely treasures

Roll d12 for more loot.
  1. Foppish men's wig in periwinkle blue, needs repair (42gp). Worth 50gp if repaired.
  2. Green silk parasol with embroidered silver flowers (60gp).  Perfect for shading from strong sunlight, needs one hand to shade a man-sized or smaller creature.
  3. Helm with full-face visor of mirrored steel (50gp).  Has a 20% chance of reflecting certain gaze attacks back at the creature.  Needs polishing for 10 minutes when it is worn or loses it's effectiveness.
  4. Ingot of gold (1lb) without mark of provenance (50gp).  Useful dealing with unscrupulous groups.
  5. Journal and letters of local noble (50gp). Example letters of introduction and commission will if consulted for 1d4 hours beforehand grant a +2 to reaction rolls when dealing with a noble's court, lawful bureaucrat or city official.
  6. Kite made of purple linen with embroidered silver eagle (55gp).   A toy fit for a noble-born child, weighs 2lbs.
  7. Lynx-trimmed goldenrod vest decorated with floral embroidery (42gp).  Suitable for a slim human, half-elf or burly elf.
  8. Map case of engraved ivory containing a smudged map (46gp, 40gp empty).  The map (DM's discretion for location) is water damaged (60% legible) but still accurate.
  9. Necklace with heart pendant containing dose of rare perfume (40gp, 30gp empty).  Pewter necklace and pendant with secret compartment containing perfume suited to court.
  10. Orcish battle standard of skulls and eye surrounded by iron spikes (50gp).  Six-foot long staff topped with skulls and spiked eye emblem grants a +2 bonus to any attempts to intimidate a man-sized or smaller foe or a +1 morale bonus to any allied orcs or half-orcs.
  11. Paired silvered hand axes balanced for throwing and etched with dwarven blade runes (50gp for pair, 22gp each).  Not magical but may prove effective against certain creatures.
  12. Quiver with 20 bronze whistling arrows (41gp, arrows 2gp each).   The arrowheads keen when fired.  Audible within 400' feet of the arrow's flight path and may increase wandering monster checks accordingly. If fired at a target, they break on a natural 1 or natural 20.


  1. Good stuff! I particularly like the foppish wig and the parasol.


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