Monday, 11 February 2013

more unlikely treasures

Roll 1d12 for more unlikely treasures...
  1. A jangling bracelet of tiny golden bells and fine-toothed cogs on crimson silk rope (25gp), suited to a small wrist interested in intricate mechanisms.   
  2. Blue glass finger-bottle filled with dark fluid (11gp as is, 1gp empty).  10 doses of floral scent that stains red any skin it touches for 3d6 hours.  The scent vanishes in 2d6 +1 hour per dose used.
  3. Charm bracelet of silver chain with five shield-shaped charms (20gp).  The shields have various religious icons for luck.  Has dried blood on it so the previous owner wasn't that lucky.
  4. Dagger with copper wire wound around hilt and cabochon malachite pommel (15gp).  The sort of thing that plays well in rural courts, missing it's scabbard.
  5. Engraved light steel shield with spikes (20gp).  Ornamental vine decorations around spikes, if used to bash a foe, it does 1d4 + Strength damage.
  6. Foot-high statuette of bronze man with mouth open (15gp).  This statuette is hollow and if part-filled with water emits a musical humming if placed near heat sources equal to a brazier or campfire.
  7. Noblewoman's caul (hairnet) of slender silver chains (10gp).  This delicate array is best suited to those of dark hair.
  8. Ochre leather bracers decorated with silver studs (10gp).  These are detachable cuffs used by hirelings in temporary service to nobles whose coat-of-arms includes red and silver or white.
  9. Painted riding saddle decorated with white roses (24gp).   This saddle of black leather is suited to a minor noble or lady-in-waiting.  
  10. Quartz chess set (blue quartz and nacre) (20gp).  Each chess piece is worth 5sp and the board of lacquered wood is worth 4gp.  A threadbare cloth pouch stores the pieces.
  11. Red-stained leather-bound chapbook (10gp) with information on local brothels and gambling dens in a large city.  If consulted for an hour, it gives a +2 bonus to reaction rolls in dealings with these establishments or employees.
  12. 1d12 silver spoons of assorted quality and size (1d6gp each).  Stolen from various reputable houses whose crests are engraved into the handles.


  1. Unlikely, indeed. Well done!

  2. Thanks kindly! More of this sort of thing I think. :)

  3. yeah, could you not do click-through required posts? Makes me want to unfollow.

  4. I haven't set up any click-through required stuff so am curious what you're seeing in case someone is doing something they shouldn't be.


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