Friday, 15 March 2013

even more unlikely treasures

Roll d12 for the loot!
  1. Jacket made of seal fur (120gp) - Will keep wearer warm and dry in wet weather.  Selkies will not be your friend and may wish to do something about this fashion choice.
  2. Knotted rope made from giant spider silk (100gp) - This 40' rope (50' unknotted) is three times as strong as normal rope and gives a -4 penalty (-20%) to escape or breaking attempts. Weighs 4lb.
  3. Leather bound small box containing common remedies against poison (100gp) - This gives a +3 bonus on checks to treat poisoning or a new saving throw at +3 against an afflicted victim who isn't already dead yet.  Weighs 3lbs and has 1d6+4 uses.
  4. Maroon silk vest with six obsidian buttons (110gp) - The buttons are polished to a mirror-shine (worth 10gp each) and this item is sized for a large human.
  5. Neck guard of steel-backed black sharkskin with silver spikes (80gp) - Wearer gets +1 AC bonus against neck attacks (e.g. vampire bites, decapitating attacks). Anyone biting or grappling the wearer's neck takes 1d4 damage.  Suited to a human or dwarf wearer.
  6. Ornate brass signet ring in coiled serpent design with two freshwater pearls for eyes (90gp) - This ring has a poison pill compartment (empty alas) needing a pick pockets/sleight-of-hand check to use unseen.  Finding the compartment is as easy as finding a secret door.  The seal is of a reputable house of artisans.  If the eyes are removed, each is worth 10gp.  
  7. Pennant of crimson silk with white starburst edged with freshwater pearls (100gp) - There are twenty-four poor-quality freshwater pearls, each worth 1d3gp.  Removing these will ruin the pennant.
  8. Quartz-studded cloth-of-silver dancing girl's outfit (100gp) - Suitable for a human or half-elf with thirty-two pieces of poor-quality rock crystal , each worth 2gp.  Removing these will ruin the outfit.
  9. Religious text bound in supple pale leather covers (100gp) - When consulted for 1d4 hours, character gains a +1 to their next saving throw vs. death having commended their soul to a higher power for the next 24 hours  DM is encouraged to include one or more clues about mysterious holy sites that may involve a dungeon.
  10. Silvered short sword with bloodstone set in cross-piece (90gp) - Flanges on the cross-piece means the bloodstone (50gp gem) can be removed or replaced with a gem of similar size (DM's fiat).  
  11. Tiara of silver filigree with five tiger's eyes set on tines to resemble eyestalks (100gp) - Odd non-magical jewelry commissioned by odd magical people.
  12. Unholy symbol in solid gold (100gp) - Exquisite craftsmanship makes this very valuable despite only weighing 1lb.  If melted down, worth 50gp by weight.  If purified or destroyed by a good cleric, paladin or similar worthy, this act is worth 100xp.

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