Friday, 12 April 2013

yet even more unlikely treasures

Roll d12 for the loot.
  1. Codex Castigo (600gp) - This weighty illuminated tome (20lbs!) covered in blocks of petrified pine with a tough leather spine holds histories, letters and prophecies.  If consulted for 1d4 hours, it gives one of the following (reader's choice)
    • +1 bonus to the next 1d6 initiative rolls.
    • +2 bonus to the next reaction roll for local nobility.
    • +2 bonus to the next reaction roll for any lawful official.
  2. Darkwood treasure chest with 15 crystal bottles of green liquid and three drinking cups made of silver-dipped humanoid skulls (550gp) - Total weight is 54lb.  The chest is worth 100gp (weighs 25lb),  Bottles are absinth worth 20gp each (weigh 1½  lb each).  The cups are worth 50gp, weigh 2lb and appear to be made from small humans.
  3. Effigy of naked barbarian with spear in silver (500gp) - Statuette is 2 foot tall and weighs 30lbs.
  4. Folding triptych of three warrior-saints in painted red maple (500gp) - Weighs 5lbs, exquisitely painted and initialled with the letters Z.S.S.
  5. Gold-plated greatsword of quality with carnelian pommel (500gp) - This two-handed sword has a +1 non-magical bonus to hit.  The carnelian pommel is worth 50gp.
  6. Housecoat of yeti fur with silver fox trim and carved ivory fastenings (500gp) - Suitable for nobility.  Fits a slender human or tall elven female.  There are 10 ivory fastenings (4gp each).  
  7. Ingot of platinum (500gp) - An unmarked 1lb ingot that be useful dealing with unscrupulous sorts.
  8. Jacket of fox fur trimmed with ermine with gold knotwork buttons (500gp) - Suitable for royalty, fits a medium-build human .  Has 6 large gold buttons (5gp each).  
  9. Keg of good medium red wine (500gp) - 8 gallon keg which weighs 80lbs.
  10. Limb wrappings of embroidered linen and jar of unguent (500gp) - Suitable for creating a flesh golem.  Cannot be re-used once the task is completed.  
  11. Magnificent black longbow with engraved silver inlays (450gp) - The bow is made of darkwood and is a joy to use.  Arrows fired from it gain a non-magical +1 to hit.  The inlays can be removed by a bowyer, weigh 1lb and are worth 25gp.
  12. Nacre-coated bottle of rare perfume (400gp) - The empty bottle is worth 10gp as a curiosity; there are 39 doses of perfume within.  Weighs 5lbs.


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