Friday, 26 April 2013

yet still more unlikely treasures

Roll d12 for the loot.
  1. Bandolier of black dragonhide trimmed in leopard fur and dragon buckle in gold with red gem eyes (1200gp) - The buckle is worth 520gp and weighs 2lbs.  The eyes are garnets (100gp each).  The bandolier has 8 (empty) pouches.
  2. Coat of silver fox with snow leopard trim and four blue-white ovoid gem buttons (1100gp) - Suitable for a tall human, fit for nobility.  Gems are cabochon-cut moonstones (50gp each) on silver wire settings (6gp each). 
  3. Dagger of mithral with carved jade hilt and white pearl pommel (1000gp) - Weighs 1lb. Hilt is worth 275gp, pommel is worth 100gp.  Counts as a silver weapon.
  4. Embroidered indigo silk robe with cloth-of-gold panels, blue gem-beaded sleeves and mink trim (1000gp) - Weighs 20lbs.  Beads are lapis lazuli (5gp each) and there are 50 on each sleeve.  Suitable for a large human female, fit for nobility.
  5. Five identical ebony statuettes of horned men with carnelian eyes (1000gp) - Each is worth 200gp and weighs 5lbs, their eyes are 50gp each and ruin the statuettes if removed.
  6. Gold statuette of a reclining succubus (1000gp) - Weighs 40lbs.
  7. Head-dress made of a snarling winter wolf's head (1000gp) - Weighs 3lbs.  Bound to annoy any winter wolves or other wolf-friendly types.
  8. Iron astrolabe (1000gp) - Etched with longitude, latitude and astrological markers.  Can be used to determine date and time at night under an open, clear sky in 1 minute.  Gives a +2 bonus to checks to avoid getting lost.  Weighs 6lbs.
  9. Jet necklace on a fine gold chain (1000gp) - Weighs 3lbs.
  10. Keg holding 10 gallons of sweet dessert wine (1000gp) - Weighs 80lbs.
  11. Laboratory reagents and supplies (900gp) - Suitable for use in an arcane laboratory needed to cast certain spells or create certain monsters.  Weighs 30lbs.
  12. Mirror of polished silver (800gp) - 4 feet by 18 inches. Weighs 24lbs.


  1. Another great list. Like the last post, I'm going to link to this one on Google+. There was a fair amount of interest last time.


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