Saturday, 7 August 2010

three things: rubies

Eye of Courage - This scintillating ruby pendant worn around the neck and over the heart inspires bravery in those who see it.  Those wearing it are immune to fear-based effects and grant a +4 morale bonus to Will saves against fear-based attacks to allies in a 10' radius who see the owner and the ruby.
Market Value: 35,000gp
Creation: Caster level 3rd, create wondrous item, remove fear, inspire courage
or aura of courage class ability.

Martyr's Heart - Cut in the shape of a heart, this ruby must be held in the hand to be used.  It lets the  bearer cast an improved version of shield other.  The beneficiary must be within 30' of the bearer and gains a +2 deflection bonus to armour class and resistance bonus to saves.  The beneficiary only takes half damage from attacks, the remainder being transferred to the bearer and follows the rules for shield other in all other instances.  The effect lasts as long as the martyr's heart is held.
Market Value: 38,000gp
Creation: Caster level 7th, create wondrous item, extend spell, shield other

Ruby of Burning Light - This scintillating ruby has a flaw in the shape of an ancient glyph that faintly glows when activated.  Once a day, if held before an enemy up to 30 feet away and the glyph's name is spoken, it emits a scorching ray which on a successful ranged touch attack does 4d6 damage to the target.  Once used, the glyph dims until the next sunrise.
Market Value: 2600gp
Creation: Caster level 3rd, create wondrous item, scorching ray

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  1. Cool items. Does the Ruby of Burning Light "know" when the sun rises, i.e. would it recharge deep underground in a dungeon?

  2. Yes it does - the sun's mystical influence goes deep underground. While the sun determines when the ruby recharges, the ruby isn't solar-powered.

    Enterprising souls may determine the passage of days that way but IMHO it's not a game-breaker.

    Maybe a variant of this would be :)


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