Tuesday, 17 August 2010

recession-proof gaming X: pixel-stained technopeasant revolt

Image courtesy of Drollerie Press
More financiapocalyptic musings means it's time to look at what makes  good gaming without breaking the bank (assuming the banks don't do a good enough job themselves) and for those in post-GenCon hock, this may be a good thing.  This edition is dedicated to Jo Walton whose books are worth your consideration.  From such stone soup can spring some neat games. 

5x5 - Action-based system toolkit.  Anime-style artwork and a smooth template system. 
Clockwork - Steampunk cowboys.  On one page.  You can't say fairer than that.
Mini Six Bare Bones - Open D6, cinematic in the vein of Star Wars but much more to it.  Remember when West End Games put out all those movie tie-ins?  Hack your own version.  Anti-Paladin Games needs more submitted settings and an Inception-based Mini Six would be interesting.

Game maps

Drag and drop map generators at Stone Sword.
Dungeoneering.net provides free terrain maps for RPGs and wargames.
A lot of free high-quality maps at Paratime Design Cartography.

Online Dungeon Generators (brought by the letters D and G it seems).
Dizzy Dragon Games Adventure Generator - Several shades of geomorph and OSR awesome. 
Donjon - Dungeon and Encounter generator in d20 and 4E flavours.
Gozzy's Dungeon Generator -  For those who like their dungeons unpopulated.


  1. The maps created by Dungeoneering.net are seriously old-school. Love it.

    But the link for Paratime Design Cartograph is busted.


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