Sunday, 22 August 2010

the eagle society

Nature inspires warriors to greatness, this is especially true of the eagle society.  Formed from wise warriors swift in thought and decisive action, the society attracts nobles and noble souls.  For them, the eagle is a symbol of strength and regal power, it's wings bearing it above others and talons bringing swift ruin to it's prey.  The eagle society has always punished that they see as unjust.  Elves appreciate the eagle's nobility and freedom while dwarves consider the eagle a worthy design.  Humans, half-elves, half-orcs and eladrin also consider eagle societies beneficial.  Halflings are ambivalent, considering them a little too bombastic and self-righteous for their own good.

Eagle societies welcome clerics, fighters, paladins, rangers, warlords, avengers, barbarians and warders among their ranks.  Arcane practitioners are traditionally viewed with suspicion by members.  Their battles against unjust wielders of elemental chaos make bitter memories.  More than one society has become a religious mystery cult or an order of knights.  Decoration with eagle feathers is an emblem of honour among society members, the eagle helm is a token of a proven warrior and battle leader while the regalia of the winged victory is awarded to those whose skill and deadliness with a javelin are proven and whose ability to heal wounds enable their allies to fight another day.

Feathered Warrior
Requisites: Proficient in javelin.  Have the Athletics skill. 
To become a member of an eagle society, the character must pass a trial armed only with three javelins and no other equipment.  This typically involves three successful attacks against a moving target (AC17) and three successful DC20 Athletics checks.
Benefits: Gain +1 to attack rolls with a weapon when positioned above your opponent.  This includes mounted attacks against pedestrian opponents.
Duties: Once every lunar cycle enter combat and be on the winning side.  If you fail to do this, you lose the benefits of being a feathered warrior until you pass the trial again.

The victor of the battle is given a helmet styled in the likeness of an eagle's head. This helm is decorated with eagle feathers and may vary in appearance and materials from a leather and wood open helm festooned with eagle feathers to a knight's closed helm with beaked visor and eagle feathers plume.
Requisites: Far Throw, slay an opponent with a javelin.
Benefits: While wearing the helmet gain a +1 to their Armour Class and Will.
Duties: Three times every lunar year lead three warriors with the intent of making them feathered warriors.  Once every lunar year lead three feathered warriors to victory in battle.

Winged Victory
Requisites: Point-Blank Shot, Heal skill.  Slay six enemies in one day of battle using javelins and have this witnessed by society members of any rank.  
Benefits: While wearing the winged victory regalia, gain a +2 to Will and a +1 to Heal checks. 
Duties: Twice a lunar year, lead three eagle-helms and their attendant feathered warriors to victory in battle.


  1. Cool. It gives me a little of Native American vibe, though maybe that's just me.

  2. As it's a blend of Native American, Mesoamerican and Greek warrior cultures with a splodge of Guild Wars, that's well spotted.


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