Sunday, 16 August 2009

standing on the shoulders of giant automata

For those of you who crave a little more steampunk in your life (and my that's a lot of you!) this humbly-submitted post may be the panacea you desire. So without further ado, my lords, ladies and gentlemen an octet of links for your research and edification... please share in the comments!

Aether Emporium Steampunk Essentials - An essential collection.
Brass Goggles Steampunk Name Generator - A lot of fun.
Christian Lorenz Scheurer - eye candy in deluxe jars.
NAGS Society - free version of Terra Incognita (FUDGE RPG setting).
Steampunkopedia - A truly massive resource.
The Linacre School of Defence - Instruction on how one defends oneself.
The History of Costume (1861-1880) by Braun & Schneider - An excellent reference.
The Steampunk Timeline of Futures Past - A history of technology and pulp literature.

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