Friday, 14 August 2009

of poppies

An alchemical item and a classic magical trap for 4E gaming pleasure.

Blame the Wizard of Oz - it was his idea.

Field of Magical Poppies (Level 4 Obstacle, 175xp)
Found in areas where the Feywild has taken root, these poppies are brightly red and softly scented - so softly scented that those attracted to the scent become dazed and drowsy before falling into an enchanted sleep.
Hazard: Certain magical poppies have a scent which attracts living things and which makes them sleepy. Fields of these poppies provide an effective non-lethal barrier but also provide a useful hunting ground for monsters not susceptible to their wiles.
Perception: No check required.
Additional Skill: Arcana DC20 to recognise these as magical poppies.
Trigger:On entering the field, the scent and pollen from the poppies combine to make a magical cloud which lulls people into sleep.
Attack: Standard Action. Close Burst 1. +8 vs. Fortitude.
Hit: Target becomes dazed and suffers a secondary attack.
Secondary attack: +8 vs. Fortitude. Target falls asleep for 1 hour. During this time, attempts to awake will work but risk an immediate secondary attack.
Miss: No effect.
Countermeasures: Effects that protect against magical sleep, enchantments or poison protect their users from magical poppies. Setting fire to the field will destroy it but create a noxious cloud of vapours covering the area which attacks any within it +12 vs. Fortitude or take 2d10 damage. Those within the cloud gain concealment.
Upgrade to Elite (350xp)
* Increase the Knowledge (Arcana) DC by 2.
* Attacks vs. Fortitude increase to +12.

Tincture of Poppies (Alchemical recipe)
Level: 4.
Category: Curative
Time: 30 minutes
Component Cost:40gp
Market Price: 120gp
Skill: Arcana, Nature, Heal (no check needed).

This pale pink tincture must be taken orally. If used before a short rest, any healing surges used during the rest heal an extra 4 hit points. After the rest the user takes an attack of +12 vs. Fortitude to becomes dazed (save ends) and has an identical attack at the start of every encounter afterwards until an extended rest is taken or the user becomes bloodied at which point the dose of tincture expires. The healing benefits of the tincture are not repeated unless another dose is used. Cumulative doses do not stack the number of attacks against the user per encounter.

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