Wednesday, 3 August 2011

inns & taverns: drinking the depths

Another three pub crawl, only this one is connected to a series of cave complexes so you have basecamps for your megadungeon.  Starting from the all-new Cave Inn then underground to Aulog's Garden where the fish and fungus go large, then to the Ties that Bind, a drow tavern in The City of Razored Webs.  Some expansions on the Garden and the Ties (which got nastier on the rewrite).  All with tariffs and plot hooks as well as some details on the creatures and some dubious-looking patrons.

You can download the PDF here or from the downloads page.  Maybe the next one will appear in different formats?  Though the PDF is still widely accepted in most places.

This one is on me again.  Creative Commons Noncommercial Sharealike so use as you like within those terms.  If you have preferences, feedback or just want to say you've used it, link back or leave a comment.  Have fun with it.


  1. Thanks--Good stuff! And imagine my surprise to see Weird Adventures mentioned in the dedication. I'm diligently working, and I hope to have it too you soon. :)

  2. You're welcome. It's going to be brilliant. :)

  3. I'll let you judge for yourself. :) If you email me for a little sneak.


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