Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ebon zikkuract reloaded

Over at the prolific netherwerks, the latest implementation of Planet Algol's commandment to seed our worlds with black ziggurats has provoked nostalgia for the ebon zikkuract of Algolia and it's hyper-geometric shadow-worlds.  I'm pondering a revamp but wonder which system(s) to flesh them out with?  Not as if I don't have enough choice so I'm going to throw this out to the readers.  I could FLAILSNAILS it, leaving it to the individual GM/DM/Keeper/Game Leader to fight it out of course.  If you've any thoughts or preferences, leave a comment or use the poll below.

Which system should I use for revamping the Ebon Zikkuract?
4th Edition D&D
Labyrinth Lord
Basic Role Playing
Other (post in comments)

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