Saturday, 18 June 2011

three things: quill and ink

Igneous Ink
This ink is used for ritual purposes, igniting once it dries and burning with a faint orange smoky flame equal to candlelight. A vial of the ink when broken explodes for 2d6 fire damage and ignites anything flammable it splatters.  If used as intended, the ink delays combustion for 5 rounds but will ignite doing 1d6 fire damage per minute spent writing on the object.  A full vial of igneous ink can scribe up to the equivalent of 10 pages of vellum or parchment as the scribe must continuously keep their quill wet to prevent ignition... The ink radiates evocation magic.
Market Value: 300gp
Creation: 3rd level, Brew Potion, flaming sphere.

Querulent Quill
This plain white quill is valued by those seeking confessions.  When the command word is spoken, it will ink itself and transcribe what is spoken. It stops when the speaker lies, resuming when the truth resumes.  The speaker becomes aware of the quill's magic  and can make a Will save (DC15) to resist.  The quill stops working when picked up by another person who must speak the command word to resume it's magic.  Ironically witches have the easiest time making them.  The quill radiates conjuration, divination and enchantment magics.
Market Value: 16000 gp
Creation: 3rd level, Create Wondrous Item, comprehend languages, unseen servant, zone of truth

Serpent Sepia

This dark green ink is prized by assassins.  The ink is venomous if drunk or injected (Fortitude DC 11, 1d2 Con damage, cure 1 save).  It's most insidious use is drawing a picture of a snake on a piece of parchment and casting it into flames.  This summons a fiendish viper for 3 rounds that will obey the artist to the best of it's ability.   There is enough ink for three such drawings to be made.
Market Value: 170gp
Creation: 3rd level. Brew Potion, summon monster.


  1. Great ideas as usual. I can see using some of them.

    But is not sepia a brown?

  2. Sepia is brown with red and grey tones and associated with cuttlefish, there may be a variant which summons a fiendish squid instead?

    Green was a deliberate choice to make the ink distinctive and to tie into the tales of poison pen letters being written often in green ink.


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