Saturday, 11 December 2010

the zaros road crawl

The Zaros Road Crawl is a three pub run from the Zaros Road Taverna to the Minotaur's Horn to the Standing Sphinx.  Yes, the last one is new, a desperate den of villains built on a necropolis haunted by brigands, rogues, undead and witches.  The information on the Taverna and Horn is expanded and tweaked.  All three have price tariffs and plot hooks. Also there are tables for roadside incidents, travelling traders and grave goods.

If you have a couple of hexes of temperate hills with a road leading up to a mountain range, this will help populate the area, provides three ready-made distinctive bases of operations and adventure hooks for you to flesh out as much as you like.  If you've cleaned out a ruined keep recently or are heading into the mountains, this may be a suitable route for you.

You can download the PDF here or from the downloads page. I'm looking at alternate formats though PDF is a standard widely available on computers and e-readers.  This one is on me, The Zaros Road Crawl is Creative Commons Non-Commercial Sharealike.  If you have preferences, feedback or just want to say you've used it, link back or leave a comment.  Have fun with it.


    1. Thanks! I'll check this out.

    2. A great PDF.

      I love the level of detail in the patrons and furnishing. It is all the sort of stuff I would never think of putting it into a location. I must work some of these into my current campaign.

      On the technology side of things, I'm experimenting with A5 format PDFs. These are closer to the screen size of most ebooks / Kindle etc so I'm hoping they will be easier read / navigate than the A4. Not having a suitable device myself, I cannot tell you if it works or not.

      On another note, I think you should host the PDF on your site and not on the download site. They always make me nervous because they look like a hot bed of spam / virus laden junk. If its direct from you, I know I can trust it.


      P.s. Many thanks for the acknowledgement! Genuinely touched and I could not wish for a better epithet.

    3. Chris - A Kindle reader for PCs can be found at: I'm currently tinkering with Calibre to output in epub and mobi format.

      On the download thing - point taken about trust. This is perhaps the best argument against I've heard so far.

    4. Oo! great PDF. can't wait to use these in my games.

    5. That PDF is excellent - just simple, pure goodness.

      Many thanks for putting it up for download.

    6. I just wanted to say that I think you did a great job with this. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but this really inspired me and I'll definitely put at least one of these taverns in my game. Thanks for putting this up.

    7. @shinobicow - Let me know how it goes. :)

      @scottsz - Avid fan of your Cold Texts, wow thank you.

      @shyDM - My pleasure. Will read how it goes with interest. Probably need to do a Sigil-based inn at some point. :)

      Right that does it, there's going to be more.

    8. Hey Satyre,

      Thank you for the mention in the pub crawl! I always love what you do with these.

      I just got word that our pilot batch of Dwarven Ale is brewed and bottled, just waiting on final label approval. When are we going to see you put a story together for one of our beers? You know where to find me =)

    9. Thanks very much. I came all the way from Gothridge Manor.


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