Saturday, 30 October 2010

three things: necromantic prosthetics

Ghost-Touched Eye - This pale, milky-white eye will when inserted into an empty socket graft itself in place permanently causing incredible pain (treat as nauseated) for one round.  Afterwards, the eye sees normally and enables the wearer to see things that are out of phase or in the Ethereal plane by concentration to a distance of 120 feet. Someone with a ghost-touched eye still needs other magics to interact with things in the Ethereal but sometimes, forewarned is forearmed.
Market Value: 80,000gp
Creation: Caster level 9th, Create Wondrous Item, Heal 8+ ranks, true seeing.

Hand of Bloody Bones - This hand is skeletal and always dripping with dark blood, it activates when it is attached to the stump of an arm.  The hand is considered to have Strength 15 and can claw as a +1 weapon for 1d4 damage.  By smearing some of the blood along an slashing weapon then wielding it (a full-round action), the hand grants that weapon the wounding property until it is dropped by the wielder.  The hand of bloody bones smells of freshly-spilled blood, causing problems in certain situations (DM's discretion).
Market Value: 5000gp
Creation: Caster level 10th, Create Wondrous Item, spectral hand, vampiric touch.

Ghoul's Teeth - This set of teeth is activated by carefully affixing them against the gums, if the user had normal teeth, they all fall out.  They give the wearer a bite attack similar to that of a ghoul, inflicting 1d6 damage and forcing a Fortitude save (DC12) or causing paralysis for 1d6+2 rounds.  The downside is the elongated canines and thicker molars deform the face and lead to drooling, causing a -2 penalty to Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks.
Market Value: 20,000gp
Creation: Caster level 6th, Create Wondrous Item, Heal skill 8+ ranks, ghoul's touch

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  1. These are great! I think "thinking outside the box" on magic items can led to some cool results, and you demostrate that here.

  2. I love this. Objects that have cool properties should always have a price to pay.

  3. Seemed appropriate with the time of year. :)

    Thanks both of you. I agree there's a need for prices when dealing with necromancy of this kind and the inspiration for two of these came from a certain lich turned deity.

  4. Yeah, interesting for sure. I'd think the social stigma would probably be the biggest drawback of either of them... in a "Burn the witch" sort of way. Good work though~

  5. @Grey - Chances are the owners of these are not interested in societal norms. Those that do can wear an eyepatch, gloves or veils. Plus there's those societies where those are the norm.

    What doesn't work in Rivendell might in Mordor...


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