Tuesday, 26 October 2010

alchemist alternatives: poisoner

I recently reviewed Advanced Feats: Secrets of the Alchemist and mentioned an extra archetype or two would be appreciated. Alchemists are a strong mix of short-range offence, personal buffing and potion manufacture and Secrets expands those options further. So here's a classic archetype that will give a games master a twist on the alchemist and a ready-made villain for heroes to curse.

"Here's a little something for what ails you."
The poisoner makes a good villain for your Pathfinder campaign as they use dark methods. While more insidious than most, they can drop bombs like any alchemist worth their saltpetre. Starting poisoners take risks like anyone else but soon become less susceptible to their own tools. There are bombs for undead and poison-resistant inconveniences, the poisoner becomes a terrifying foe at higher levels.  Their skills makes them effective in treating comrades (including clerics) and providing support in the wilderness as well as the alchemist staples of providing potions and - of course - poisons.  Any race can pick this build - poisoners are a pervasive evil.

Abilities: Dex 13+ Con 13+
Skills: Craft (Alchemy), Heal, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (Nature), Sleight of Hand, Survival.

1st. Frugal Crafting feat 1
2nd. Smoke bomb discovery
3rd. Great Fortitude feat
4th. Stink bomb discovery, +1 Intelligence
5th. Master Alchemist feat
6th. Sticky poison discovery
7th. Point Blank Shot feat
8th. Concentrate poison discovery, +1 Wisdom
9th. Precise Shot feat
10th. Frost bomb discovery
11th. Advanced Alchemy feat 1
12th. Poison bomb discovery, +1 Intelligence
13th. Reliable Bombs feat
14th. Delayed bomb discovery
15th. Rapid Shot feat
16th. Elixir of life discovery, +1 Wisdom
17th. Opportunity Shot feat 1
18th. Extend potion discovery
19th. Improved Greater Fortitude
20th. Grand Discovery (Poison Touch), inferno bomb, eternal potion.

1 - feat in Advanced Feats: Secrets of the Alchemist

Formulae that work well with this build include:
1st: bomber's eye, crafter's fortune, cure light wounds, disguise self, expeditious retreat, true strike
2nd: bear's endurance, blur, cure moderate wounds, restoration, transmute potion to poison, undetectable alignment
3rd: absorbing touch, cure serious wounds, displacement, heroism, nondetection, remove disease,
4th: cure critical wounds, death ward, detonate, fluid form, neutralize poison, restoration, stoneskin
5th: delayed consumption, dream, magic jar, nightmare, polymorph, sending
6th: eyebite, heal, mislead, shadow walk, true seeing, wind walk

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