Wednesday, 13 October 2010

recession-proof gaming XI: embodiment of free

So the financiapocalypse still rumbles on. Gaming is still going on and the quality of free stuff out there gets better and better. If you needed any evidence of this, take a look at the links below and maybe try a few at your table. Incidentally if you have a free (as in free) game or game-related thing you want to spread the word about let me know in the comments!

d20 Freebies - Courtesy of Paizo.  Download and review!  Thanks to Geek Related for the tip off.
Project Aon - Joe Dever's Lone Wolf game books and setting books for Magnamund.  Inspirational stuff and a nice collection of solo-based game books as well.

Age of Shadow - An OpenQuest game (BRP retro-clone) with Tolkien overtones and no divine magics.  Thanks to @ubiquitousrat for the tip-off and Sorceror Under Mountain for being the kindly uncle on this.
Hell for Leather - Quick pick-up game of dice towers and extreme violence in the veins of Running Man and Battle Royale.  If you like this, take a look at the game at Cobweb Games.  
Old School Hack has the Winter 2010 playtest version up.

Floorplans & Maps
RPGmapshare - Maps and map objects for personal use.  Thanks to NewbieDM.

Labyrinth Lord Character Generator - Elegant and really quite nice for those pick-up demo games.

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