Saturday, 18 September 2010

three things: dwarven weapons

Joyous Axe - This +1 battleaxe favours dwarven warriors, when wielded by a dwarf it grows in power and becomes a +2 battleaxe.  When a dwarf wields it in two hands it confers a +2 morale bonus to saving throws and ability checks.  The head of the axe is often crafted to resemble a smiling dwarven head.  The blade or the beard, is patterned after a dwarven beard and the haft carved with glyphs.  Different clans use specific blade designs to identify their craft, leading to some dwarves adopting those designs for their own beards!
Market Value: 16710gp   
Creation: 6th-level dwarf, Craft Magic Arms & Armour, good hope, magic weapon.

Spear of Stala - This +1 spear is narrow-bladed, weighted at the tip and has a triangular cross-section that is designed to pierce mail and armour plates.  It gains an extra +1 to hit against foes in brigandine, scalemail or heavier armour.  Natural armour of scales or bony plates may grant this bonus at DM's discretion but thick hides like those of an elephant do not.  The design of the spear  makes it a poor thrown weapon however, all such attacks with it get a -2 penalty.  Dwarves favour the spear of Stala against foes prone to charging them or when they themselves must rush headlong into battle.  A normal spear cannot be turned into a spear of Stala, these are made from new.
Market Value: 4740gp
Creation: 6th-level dwarf, Craft Magic Arms & Armour, magic weapon, Craft (Weaponsmith) 8+ ranks.

Spike-Driving Warhammer - This +1 warhammer has a stylised head that on a successful critical extrudes a puncturing strike that increases the critical multiplier to x4 and converts the damage to Piercing.  The spike retracts once the hammer swings back ready for the next strike. Though the hammer has been outlawed for personal use by some religious orders, dwarven warriors appreciate the deadly craft involved.  A normal warhammer cannot be upgraded to a spike-driving warhammer, these must be made from new.
Market Value: 4812gp
Creation: 6th-level dwarf, Craft Magic Arms & Armour, Craft (weaponsmith) 8+ ranks, magic weapon, keen edge.

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  1. Very nice. The Joyous Axe I find especially pleasing.


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