Wednesday, 15 September 2010

make your own adventure

Choice of Games offers a number of multiple-choice text-based adventure games of the 'choose your own adventure' type as well as ChoiceScript, a simplified programming language so you can roll your own multi-choice adventure and possibly get paid for it as well.  This can be uploaded to the Choice of Games site and converted into mobile-friendly formats.  For fans of Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf or solo games for D&D, RuneQuest or Tunnels & Trolls, this is good.  Some may sneer at the linear nature but few sneer at their success - particularly on Facebook.  Many Basic D&D players still have grudges with Bargle The Infamous who spawned his own mini-game.

Essentially decision trees, plotting your own is something that can get complex.  Fortunately the Internet has tools to help.  Mind mapping software like XMind or sites like can help grow the tree for a game.  Sources of inspiration include the IFWiki and Social sites like Protagonize may also offer some collaborative fun - a useful spur for those considering the NaNoWriMo challenge in two months.

The practice of creating structured plot and character arcs is a good habit for writers and game masters alike to get into - using constrained situations to engage creativity is appealing.  Tempting as sandbox play and freewheeling improvisation are, there can be comfort in structure and knowing your role, particularly for new players - a subject close to the heart of the games industry of late.

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