Tuesday, 13 July 2010

recap: inns & taverns

Table: Random Fantasy Inns & Taverns (roll d20).
Re-roll if you've been barred or if you can't show your face there again because of that time when... you know.  You don't know?  Well, well, well.
  1. The Wayside
  2. The Rose Tower
  3. The Grey Goose Grill
  4. Old Jonas
  5. The Barrel
  6. The Zaros Road Taverna
  7. The Wooden Sword
  8. The Winter Wolf
  9. The Summer Swan
  10. The Sweet Hearth
  11. The Glass Leaves
  12. The Smoking Bottle
  13. The Taproot of All Evil
  14. The Mangal Lesard
  15. The Silver Dagger
  16. The Shadovar
  17. The Iron Pot
  18. The Widow's Cherry
  19. The Throne And Ferry
  20. The Pickled Troll


  1. Any chance of seeing these in a PDF?

  2. Tim - Working on it. ;-)

    Good work on Starting Adventures BTW...


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