Saturday, 29 November 2008

Fame & Fortune - The Basic Outline

Fame & Fortune was born from beer in a pub between four friends. Like all good ideas it was immediately forgotten about and left to incubate for a little while while reality exerted itself and I got on with other stuff. Things got hairy, some of us had children while others bided their time. The world moved on. Ideas were alpha-tested and kicked around to yield surprising results.

So let's state our aims here about the products:
  1. They must be easy to obtain.
    Distribution over the Internet is the obvious choice. Print-on-Demand services allows people to get a durable paper copy. Those who don't have the Internet will be able to obtain copies through the usual channels.

  2. They must be easy to enjoy.
    Presentation is vital - the product must be pleasant to look at and experience. Products must work 'out of the box' without difficulty. Product components need to be intuitive and enable clients to experience a state of being there, the ability to step up or the ability to express themselves within the setting of the product. Product use must be simple enough to accommodate basic mathematics & literacy while expressing concepts that permit sophisticated use.

  3. They must be re-usable and have longevity.
    A lot of products have currently high-turnover rates and planned obsolescence. Some are a product of their time. Some products seem to only be usable once and then re-used with significantly less impact. The ability to draw product components into other instances of use is desirable.

  4. They must mesh cohesively.
    If you invest in a product, it must mesh with other products. Product obsolescence is not desirable and to continually upgrade your product with no incentive to particularly do so leaves a bad taste in client's mouths, particularly if they have previous products which offered the capacity but which failed to deliver.
Some more design precepts around the games coming soon...

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