Sunday, 9 November 2008

Mindmapping & Wikis in Web 2.0 and offline

The following is a set of tools which may prove useful. I've included offline open source alternatives because you may be away from the Internet sometimes and want to write something up.

Mind Mapping - Exposition on the link. The following may be of note: - Self-organising, laden with features and easy to share.
gliffy - Multi-functional, allows collaboration.
text2mindmap - Allows you to convert a hierarchical list into a mind map. For quick conversions and simple outputs.

Offline: Freemind is a nice open-source tool which creates quick exportable mindmaps.

Wikis - If you don't know what a wiki is then click the link. The following tools may intrigue you:
netcipia - A multi-layered content management system with wiki pages, work areas (spaces) and RSS & PDF output.
pbwiki - Quick to learn, secure and spacious. - Eminently customisable.

Offline: TiddlyWiki. Very fast to set up, self-contained and intuitive. Internet Explorer users may prefer Wiki On A Stick.

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