Saturday, 6 December 2008

roads less travelled

An idea has been bugging me of late...

The setting is late 1970 - early 1980s America, the kind popularised by Glen A. Larson etc. and with a soundtrack out of any number of drive-through service stations or AOR rock/punk/pop stations. The protagonists are road tripping vigilantes in pursuit of a carnival of horrors who moves from town to town on a mockery of a pilgrimage; in their wake people vanish, make extraordinary lifestyle choices or die under unusual circumstances. The vibe I'm looking at is one part Supernatural, one part Carnivale, one part Twin Peaks with a dash of Phantasm and Nightbreed to taste. The law doesn't think a travelling fair is responsible for all this mayhem - the carnival attracts some trouble of course but this craziness is outside the usual 'They made me do it...'

My question is this... would you want to be the protagonists? And why?

There are any number of reasons to pursue this band of performers - chasing an errant relative, looking for a missing love or seeking revenge on that fairground worker who stole all your luck. You might even be a fan of the show or a reporter. I'm envisaging a series of episodes based on a trail across or along America with the main focus of conflict being around the denizens of the carnival but with the occasional problem town or isolated community for relief.

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