Thursday, 30 January 2014

unlikely treasures 2: why wait for a sequel?

Roll d12 for the loot!
  1. Eyepatch with tiger's eye gemstone (14gp).
    Weighs 0.1 lb. Eyepatch of black leather with tiger's eye in pewter claw clasp.  Looks quite intimidating.
  2. Heavy mace (12gp).
    Weighs 8 lb. Does 1d8 damage (x2).  No ornamentation, appears to be army or temple issue. 
  3. Medium-sized chest with six clay jugs inside (11gp). 
    Weighs 56 lb.  Jugs hold maple syrup (weigh 1 lb; worth 1 gp each).  Chest is 50lbs if emptied.
  4. Bottle of good red wine (10gp).
    Weighs 1 lb. Well-preserved despite dungeon storage.
  5. Caul of woven black silk (10gp).
    Weighs almost nothing.  Favoured by aristocratic women as hair net, worn as subtle wealth.
  6. Journal with bloodstained blue cover (10gp).
    Weighs 1 lb. Bloodstains are elven in origin; the book has 50 blank pages in it.
  7. Light steel shield engraved with coiled dragon (10gp).
    Weighs 6 lbs. Dragon is winged but not painted.
  8. Small tent (10gp).
    Weighs 20 lbs. Holds one Medium-sized creature.  All ropes & pegs are present.  Takes 20 minutes to put up and 10 minutes to take down. 
  9. Two copper ingots (10gp).
    Weighs 20lb. Unmarked ingots, each worth 5gp and weighing 10 lbs.
  10. Wooden puzzle box (10gp).
    Weighs 2 lb. Requires an Intelligence check (DC15) and 1 round manipulation to open.  Empty but can store up to 60 stacked coins or four vials. 
  11. Three fox pelts (9gp).
    Weighs 1 lb. Good condition, bound by leather thong.
  12. Square of white cloth (8gp).
    Weighs l lb. One square yard of unmarked plain cream cotton suitable for trade.

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