Saturday, 12 January 2013

eggs is eggs, innit?

Czech decorated eggs courtesy of WikiMedia

Table V: A dozen dungeon eggs
  1. Alabaster egg plays magic tinking chimes for 1d6 rounds when sat on it's end and spun clockwise.
  2. Cock's egg laid by an enchanted rooster, this tainted item spawns a basilisk if incubated by a snake.
  3. Duck's eggshell grenade filled with powder.  A successful to hit roll on a foe with eyes blinds them for d4 rounds.
  4. Goose eggshell holds magic dust that reveals invisible objects, turning them pearlescent for 9 rounds.
  5. Jewelled lacquered egg crusted in semi-precious stones worth 1d6 x 100gp.
  6. Painted ceramic egg with formula for a 1st-level wizard spell in tiny writing.
  7. Pitted egg of smelted iron, weighs 3 lb, workable into iron or steel or a meal for a rust monster.
  8. Puzzle egg of brass and iron (needs Open Locks roll to open) contains a gem worth 100gp.
  9. Quail's eggshell filled with a dose of dust causing inhaler to breathe water as air for 9 – level rounds.
  10. Rubbery black egg useful as diversion.  If thrown, it does 1 + Strength non-lethal damage.
  11. Tarnished silver egg contains 8 ounces of high-quality snuff (8gp) kept in perfect condition.
  12. White, smooth egg, left to it's own devices a baby amphisbaena will hatch in 1d6 hours.

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